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Surface Pro Update - Part 2

It's been one week and I am still loving my Surface Pro. The only downer I had was "misplacing" the Pen. I am still looking for it.  Major issue is that it is Black and can easily get lost in the mess of black cables and such in my bag, car, or in my house.

I know it has a magnet, but I would detach it when I use the charger.  Microsoft should have an additional place on the device to dock it when you are not using it.

Everywhere I use the Surface Pro, I get people peering over my shoulder then asking, "Is that the new Microsoft thing?'  I proudly say yes and break into an impromptu demo.

I see the, "I bought the wrong tablet" look on their faces when I switch between "apps" in the New Interface and real Applications in the desktop mode.  I even wowed them by bringing up my Remote Monitoring and Management  (RMM) from Continuum and had a clients Server and 3 workstations under control.  (I even remote controlled a…
Microsoft Named most relevant Technology Company!
From our friends at the Windows 8 Update!  Guess who was second... it isn't the iPad people....

Surface Pro - A Hit! Part1

The Microsoft Surface Pro - A true hit for mobile professionals! - Part 1.

February 14, 2013 - I just purchased a 128GB Surface Pro at the Oakbrook Microsoft Store.  I know I am such a romantic.  This was one of those "gotta have it now" Tech things for me.  I tried to purchase on Friday, but was shot down like everyone else due to the limited stock available. 

I will be posting my findings here so all of you can read and benefit from the experience.  Other blogs are also having fun using the product and discovering the UNBELIEVABLE usefulness of this product over an iPad or other "consumer oriented" tablet.

Here is a great article from another person using it. Mathew Miller shares how great Surface Pro is for the busy mobile person!

There are so many great uses here!  The setup experience was flawless.  For those of you who haven't created your Microsoft Account (Windows Live) do it fast!  It is a great tool for synching all your computer…