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Phishing and Email Scammers! The amount of email sent each day is staggering and our communication with one another is getting more complicated.  Email Phishing scammers pray on this every day.
According to campaignmonitor,com a site that manages bulk email marketing, 
This data set shows that as of 2018, there are about 124.5 billion business emails sent and received each day, while there are about 111.1 billion consumer emails sent and received each day.

Source the Radicati Group
As a point of reference, the US Postal Service delivers 484.8 million mailpieces per day. That's a lot of junk mail

With this amount of email you can imagine that scammers are trying to slip by even the most trusted systems. They are getting nastier and demand ransoms even when they are not really on your system!

Here is an email that was captured by our filters!  If these are getting to you please take note of how the scammers try to take advantage of even unfounded fears.

It's amazing the amount …
Free Software Costs Us All!.... (or what to do if the person next to you says, here use my account/key/login) I am always amazed when I run across someone running pirated software.  After all it is 2019 and there are a variety of ways to get similar products for free, or via a subscription for a small fee.  (Some argue that it is not that small).  Office Online and Google Docs give users similar functionality to the Office apps loaded on a Windows or Mac computer.   The issue is that people are not used to the dynamic of saving to the cloud and sharing from there in a safe manner. 

Therefore desktop applications are still necessary and have a lot more functionality than the online versions.  This is why people still want them on their computers.  However there are still a few that think they shouldn't have to pay for that ability.  I have seen vendors that think Outlook should be free to connect to their POP or IMAP source so they provide it, but neglect to tell the client that th…