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E-cycling! How to get rid of that old computer!

What do I do with my old computer?  My busted monitor?  My gadgets and gizmos that have gone bad or the ones that got pushed aside by the faster better one I just bought?

You can't just pitch it in the trash or your recycling can at the curb.  You need to dispose of it responsibly.

As you can see the shelf life of these devices is long and the contents are toxic. An article in Popular Science  outlines just what happens when you pitch those old phones, laptops and desktops for the shiny new versions.

We at the The Tech Doctors, Inc. help our small business clients manage this by using one a number of good recycling companies.  There is a cost associated with disposing of older bigger things like printers. We can help you figure that out as we assist with the purchase of your new technology.

A Consumer Reports article talks about ideas for reuse and donations.  And has links to several of the sites to help get rid of these old electronics.

Each state has their own laws on recyclin…