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Free Software Costs Us All!.... (or what to do if the person next to you says, here use my account/key/login) I am always amazed when I run across someone running pirated software.  After all it is 2019 and there are a variety of ways to get similar products for free, or via a subscription for a small fee.  (Some argue that it is not that small).  Office Online and Google Docs give users similar functionality to the Office apps loaded on a Windows or Mac computer.   The issue is that people are not used to the dynamic of saving to the cloud and sharing from there in a safe manner. 

Therefore desktop applications are still necessary and have a lot more functionality than the online versions.  This is why people still want them on their computers.  However there are still a few that think they shouldn't have to pay for that ability.  I have seen vendors that think Outlook should be free to connect to their POP or IMAP source so they provide it, but neglect to tell the client that th…