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Evolution, Revolution, of IT

The Evolution of IT and Echo systems!  Part 1 - History (or how the government accidentally did a good thing.)Chris Smith - Tech Doctor and Wiz Kid (OK, I used to be a kid)

6/9/2014 - Wheaton, IL. - Over the last 25+ years in the computer industry, I have witnessed many new technologies, strategies, mind shifts, tech revolutions and marketing schemes to file a multi-petabyte database. I am so old, I remember the first Year of the LAN back n the late 1980's. This was when the acceleration to the rate of Moore's Law really started on a vertical trajectory.

IBM was the king of computing and they would probably still be today had it not been for the Anti-Trust cases of the 1970's.  A little known company named Microsoft was then allowed to become the largest
software company in the world by providing the Operating System (DOS) to IBM and striking a deal that created licensing versus ownership.

This was the first really big "revolution" to happen in the area of compu…

XP is Dead? The rumors of my demise...

Windows XP is Dead Long Live Windows 8/8.1! (er 7)?
Windows XP officially "died" on April 8th yet the worldwide market share is still over 18% of the installed computers.  This is due to the fact that most people aren't really aware of what Operating System they are using.  Most home users confuse Windows, and Office versions not really knowing one from the other.  (No wonder the hackers have it easy).

 The latest stats show that Windows 7 is the most widely used Operating system and the MacOSX still lags at less than 9%.  IOS devices are at 9%. This is for the traditional market of desktops, laptops, and tablets.
This proves that many are opting for Windows 7 and not giving Windows 8/8.1 a real chance.  I use both and I have to say that for mobile/laptop devices you can't beat 8.1.  Its touch capabilities are phenomenal and it has many great tools that make it easy to use and integrate into a network environment.

The questions we ask as a consulting firm is what do y…